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About Us

        Interband Enterprise is an international import and export trade development firm established in 1988 with various locations in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore City (Singapore), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Sydney (Australia) and London (United Kingdom). Since then Interband Enterprise has grown to be Asia Pacific foremost trading firm to date as we continue to be the representative of some of the leading and reputable manufacturer and producers in Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas.

        We trade in a rich array of agro-industrial and manufactured goods to all corners of the world and supply overseas importers and exporters and local manufacturers with the full scope of marketing and support services, ranging from information to investment.

       We specialize in a range of world class products including commodities from the world leading producers in Malaysia and Indonesia like palm oil & palm oil products, rubber & rubber products, cocoa & cocoa products, timber & timber products, pepper, iron ore, manganese ore, iron sand, steel billet, scrap metals, copper and coal; sugar; recycled paper products; sweet, snacks and beverages, frozen marine products and canned foods and a variety of industrial goods from wood, rattan, leather and glassware to textiles and garments, toys and dolls as well as other general merchandise.

        With more than 30 years of experience, Interband Enterprise is able to source and deliver superior commodities and products at the best price and prompt delivery time.

        Find no more, we are your answer to Asia!


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